Sterile Processing Technician

What Are My Job Duties as a Sterile Processing Technician?

Your main responsibility is to ensure that instruments used by all medical personnel in a hospital or other healthcare facility are clean and sterile. This entails performing manual cleaning prior to sterilization, placing cleaned instruments in sterilizers such as autoclaves, and starting and monitoring autoclaves. You also examine equipment for defects and report problems to staff, test autoclaves and record the results, order supplies, assemble instrument trays, distribute supplies and ensure that sterile supplies are within their expiration date.


Training Includes:

120 hours of theory class/skills lab

Free Book

Free Uniform

Free Review class to prepare our students top their certificate/license from CBSPD (Certification Board for Sterile Processing Distribution) Exam.

200 hours of externship in various hospitals and surgery centers such as All Kaiser Permanente Hospitals, San Leandro Surgery Center, Precision SurgiCenter, Fremont Surgical Center to name a few.

Course Curriculum:

Hospital Organizational Structure

  • Hospital Policies, Procedures, Federal & State Regulations
  • Job Safety, Hazards, Infection Control & The Infection Process, Personal Protective
  • Equipment & Isolation Precautions
  • Medical Terminology
  • Microbiology, Anatomy & Basic Physiology
  • Mathematics / Conversions & Measurements
  • Surgical Procedures Anatomy
  • Surgical Cameras
  • Illuminating Fiber Optics & Lenses
  • Laser Fiber Optics
  • Autoclaves/various sterilizing processes:

Sterilizing Process:

  • Instrumentation:
  • Decontamination:
                               Cleaning processes
                               Sterilizing process
  • Supplies Distribution, Rotation Of Stock, Par Levels And Materials Management

Hands-On Skills Lab Training

 Learn the latest techniques while training with the latest equipment in the industry. The industry is looking to hire those “Who work how they were trained, and are trained how they work.

In this Hands-On Skills lab you will learn how to use, touch, handle, assemble, disassemble and process the actual equipment you will be counted on to handle in the field, “You will hit the ground running, from the day you graduate you will be qualified to walk into any Central Supply or Central core in any hospital and be able to function as a New Hire”.

Employers are searching for our graduates for our students are receiving over 40 years of experience by qualified managers, directors, and instructors who have been employer s themselves. Come learn from the best who expect the best.

  •  Looking for the opportunity to break into the medical field.
  • Tired of not having a rewarding career with a great salary and benefits
This program prepares all our graduates for the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD) National Board Exams every February, May, August and November of the year.


CLASSES are forming and will be starting this JANUARY 2013, We have days and evening classes as well as weekends to fit your needs.


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